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The VBC SPOUTING MACHINE is designed for the elimination of vine suckers and weeds in the rows of vineyards. Suckers are eliminated by the special rubber cable of the rotor. The cable is fixed on the rotor by means of steel screws and their replacement is quick and easy. The rotation of the rotor is hydraulic, the rotation speed can be controlled by the flow regulator of the machine.

This model is attached to the rear of the tractor by means of a lift.

  • Machine with 1 right shaft and 1 left shaft
  • Hydraulic opening and closing adjustment with 2 pistons
  • Return spring on the heads
  • Special rubber cable 7mm diameter
  • Without distributor with hydraulic hoses complete with quick couplings
  • Works with 2 hydraulic motors (requires 140 bar pressure and 20 liters / minute of oil)
  • Machine completely closed from center to center of tree: 2.00mt
  • Machine completely open from center to center of tree: 2.80mt
  • Third point attack
  • The tractor requires two double-acting distributors
  • Machine weight 220 kg
  • 3-lever hydraulic distributor