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VBC Agricultural Buildings

The VBC company has been operating successfully since 1987, is a company that has grown over time to become a leader in the pruning and maintenance of vineyards, orchards, olive groves.

Our company, through continuous research and constant attention to development technological, has come to expand the range of machinery produced and make them increasingly appreciated.

Today, in fact, we design and build successfully:

  • SHOOT REMOVER: for cleaning the stem of the screw and cleaning the under-row;
  • VINEYARD CUTTERS: for green pruning of vineyards in the various types of plant;
  • CUTTING MACHINES FOR ORCHARD: for pruning fruit trees with a cut up to 3 cm in diameter;
  • DRY PRE-PRUNING MACHINES: for winter pre-pruning, specific for Guyot and Cordone Speronato type vineyards;
  • DISC PRUNING MACHINES: for the containment of the vegetative apparatus of plants with a cut that varies from 3 to 8 cm in diameter
  • LEAF REMOVER: for the aspiration of the foliage
  • RAKE
  • ORGANIC MOWER: to remove weeds in organic crops.

The experience gained over 30 years and the application of current technologies allows us to offer professionalism and quality.

Our equipment has been designed to improve and simplify the work of the end user.

We provide our knowledge and listen to your needs in order to get you a machine with maximum efficiency.