SS1 E Scavallante

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The VBC GRASS REMOVING MACHINE, with its gear motor, is able to rotate the shaft and its special rubber cable with internal core up to a speed of 2000 RPM. This range allows you to remove not only the suckers at the right speed, but by increasing it, it allows you to perform a weeding function.

  • Machine with 2 shafts (right – left)
  • Hydraulic height adjustment with 1 piston
  • Side hydraulic adjustment with 1 piston
  • Hydraulic lower swing adjustment with 1 piston
  • Hydraulic upper swing adjustment with 1 piston
  • Mechanical adjustment of external head (height)
  • External arm with safety gas piston
  • Teflon rollers with rubber cables diameter 7 with internal nylon core
  • It works with 2 hydraulic gear motors (requires 150 bar of pressure and 20 liters / minute of oil)
  • Complete with pipes
  • Supporting structure in iron with stainless steel hood
  • Electronic joystick
  • Machine weight 230 kg
  • Rest platform
  • Tank group 80lt. complete with pump, multiplier, radiator and relief valve (without oil)
  • Flow divider
  • Radiator
  • Shockproof with spring for flat terrain
  • Spare thread
  • Spare skein