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The machine has been designed for the mowing of weeds on biological cultures, is equipped with a 2.0m stainless steel front box and is equipped with two 1.2m, 1.6mt or 2.0mt stainless steel side boxes for the needs of the customer. The rotation of the side bars, from the working position to the rest position, takes place through two independent actuators with a stroke from 0 ° to 100 °.

The machine is attached to the hoist of the agricultural tractor by means of a special plate. It is equipped with a 400mm lift piston. Works with 3 gear motors connected in series. It can be requested with either a distributor or a Joystick.

  • N. 1 front box with 5 knives (useful cut 2mt)
  • N. 2 side boxes (right-left) with 5 knives (useful cut 2m)
  • Side box adjustment by independent actuator
  • Hydraulic lift adjustment with 1 piston
  • 4-function hydraulic distributor
  • Works with 3 hydraulic motors (requires 150 bar pressure and 25 liters / min of oil)
  • Supporting structure in iron
  • Complete with pipes
  • Bracket for tractor
  • Rest platform
  • Electronic joystick
  • Tank group 80lt. complete with pump, multiplier, radiator and max valve
  • N. 2 lateral crates (right-left) with 4 knives (useful cut 1.6mt)
  • N. 2 lateral crates (right-left) with 3 knives (useful cut 1.2mt)