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The VBC SIDE-SHOOTS REMOVER is designed to eliminate suckers from the vine, weeds in the rows of vineyards. Suckers are eliminated by the special rubber cable of the rotor. The cable is fixed on the rotor by means of steel screws and their replacement is quick and easy. The rotation of the rotor is hydraulic, the rotation speed can be controlled by the machine’s flow regulator.

  • Machine with 2 right shafts and 2 left shafts
  • Hydraulic height adjustment with 1 piston
  • Hydraulic side adjustment with 1 double piston
  • Safety gas piston on the heads
  • Special low consumption 7mm rubber cable, helically mounted
  • 3-function hydraulic distributor with speed variator
  • Works with 4 hydraulic motors (requires 150 bar pressure and 22 liters / minute of oil)
  • Complete with pipes
  • Load-bearing structure in iron with stainless steel casings
  • For 50 HP tractors – 36.5 kw
  • Operating capacity 3.5 / 5 hectares / hour, under normal working conditions
  • Machine weight 170 kg
  • Rest platform
  • 5-function electronic joystick
  • Tank group 80lt. complete with pump, multiplier, radiator and relief valve (without oil)
  • Flow divider
  • Radiator
  • Swing piston
  • 4 lever distributor
  • Shockproof with spring for flat terrain
  • Spare thread
  • Spare skein