PO with 10 shaped blades

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The VBC 10 disc dry pruner is recommended for spurred cordon vegetation. Hardened and shaped discs with a maximum useful cut of 800mm. The dry pre-pruning takes place in complete safety without damaging the wires. Climbing the pole is controlled by the operator.

  • Opening and closing adjustment with 1 hydraulic piston
  • Hydraulic height adjustment with 1 piston
  • Side hydraulic adjustment with 1 piston
  • Works with 2 hydraulic motors (requires 120 bar of pressure and 22 liters / minute of oil)
  • Engine revolutions from 0 to 400
  • Complete with pipes
  • Supporting structure in iron with covers for discs in polycarbonate
  • Electronic joystick
  • Machine weight 400 kg
  • Dry pruning cutting unit with 8 discs per tree, complete with joystick
  • Rest platform
  • Tank group 80lt. complete with pump, multiplier, radiator and relief valve
  • Adjustable flow divider to vary the oil flow (to be installed on the tank)