DK0 ed. 2018

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The suction of the VBC LEAF REMOVER is generated by means of a turbine, which allows the leaves to attach to a special grooved roller which, in turn, is counter-rotating compared to a second smaller roller. With this system the foliage is grabbed at the contact point of the two rollers and delicately detached from the plant.

  • Simple machine without frame
  • Cutting height 500mm
  • Powered by 3 hydraulics engines
  • Pipes equipped
  • Working height from 600mm to 1100mm
  • Complete with shockproof system
  • Torque limiting valve
  • N. 01 rubber roller
  • N. 01 grooved roller
  • Fully inspectable turbine
  • Gears with chain transmission
  • Possible interchange with the side-shoots remover, vine trimmer and equipment holder frame support
  • Machine weight 62 kg
  • Radiator pump tank
  • Stand for machine set-aside
  • Automatic approacher