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The pruning machine is designed to reduce and optimize the pruning work in the vineyards. It looks like a solid iron structure that is anchored to the front of the tractor by means of a special flange.

This version is suitable for hilly terrain.

  • Vertical bar with 4 blades (useful cut 1600 mm)
  • Upper bar with 2 blades (useful cut 800 mm)
  • Hydraulic adjustment of lower inclination with 1 piston
  • Hydraulic height adjustment with 1 piston
  • Hydraulic tilt adjustment with 1 piston
  • Antishock on the vertical bar
  • 420 mm special hardened steel knives
  • 4-function hydraulic distributor with knives speed regulator
  • Works with 2 hydraulic motors (requires 150 bar pressure and 22 liters / minute of oil)
  • Cutting part in stainless steel
  • Complete with pipes
  • Machine weight 140 kg
  • Curved knives with relief cut
  • Vegetation protection
  • Rest platform
  • Additional knife (for a useful cut of 2000mm)
  • Electronic joystick 5 functions
  • Tank group 80lt. complete with pump, multiplier, radiator and relief valve (without oil)
  • Adjustable flow divider
  • Lifting wheel with speed regulator
  • Safety joint for head
  • Motorized tiltable case with 1 knife
  • Radiator
  • 4 lever distributor
  • 5 lever distributor