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The BiF4/V pruning machine by VBC is equipped with a V-shaped frame that allows for a very narrow closing position and a maximum opening of about 3 MT from blade center to blade center.

  • N ° 2 double-blade vertical bars (right-left) with useful cut 1900mm
  • N ° 2 upper double-blade bars (right-left) with useful cut 850mm
  • Hydraulic lower swing adjustment with 2 pistons
  • Hydraulic height adjustment with 2 pistons
  • Hydraulic upper swing adjustment with 2 pistons
  • Hydraulic adjustment of upper bars with 2 pistons
  • Antishock on the vertical bars
  • 8-function joystick with blade speed regulator
  • Works with 4 hydraulic motors (requires 150 bar of pressure and 30 l / min of oil)
  • Complete with pipes
  • Supporting structure in iron
  • Machine weight 460 kg
  • Vertical double blade bar with useful cut 2100mm
  • Rest platform
  • Tank group 80Lt. complete with pump, multiplier, radiator, relief valve (WITHOUT OIL)
  • Adjustable flow divider to vary the oil flow (to be installed on the tank)
  • Radiator
  • Safety joint for upper head
  • Lifting wheel with speed regulator